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Our Images Say What Can't Be Said

Go2Pix is an editorial portraiture and event photography company based in San Diego, Ca.  Our intricate style of editorial photography draws inspiration from high fashion and fine art photography.  Whether its still photography or cinematography, we are motivated by our pride to provide art that stands the test of time.   

As photography is an ever-evolving art form, we, as experts in the field, are committed to exploring new avenues of expression and we train our team of professionals to do the same.  


So what makes Go2Pix style of photography so different?  Our brand of photography revolves around 3 factors ; location, lighting and client tastes.  These components contribute to our Editorial style of photography, but we also borrow fundamentals from photojournalism.  If you would prefer one style over the other, or if you would like to have both, please be sure to let us know during the initial consultation.  


Editorial Style

Our Portrait Editorial photography design philosophy consists of 3 elements: high resolution, colorful, and sharp.  We accurately capture skin tones while ensuring natural colors appear vibrant resulting in images that are bold, dynamic and timeless.  While often used to present fashion, this style of photography is also used to artistically represent the subject in a dramatic way.  We utilize the same lighting and post processing techniques as found in high fashion magazines such as "Vogue," "Harper's Brazaar," and "Vanity Fair." Here are a few illustrations:

Phto Journalistic

Photojournalistic Style

Our style of Event Photography also called "Photojournalistic Style,' requires a keen eye, an understanding of human nature, and a lot of patience.  Every photograph we take is important and helps to move the story.  A variety of feelings, stories, and expressions are critical to being represented in each photo.  The photo should contribute to the overall aesthetic of your story; our intention is to not embarrass you but to highlight the best attributes of your story.  


We look out for the next opportunity that you smile, laugh, cry or embrace those around you.  We know what to crop for, ensuring the lights are just right to capture that once in a moment with the perfect facial expression.  This style has that "Light and Airy" feel with minimum editing.

To us, photojournalism is about being in the right place at the right time, anticipating people's reactions, and recording what happens with an eye for telling a story through the images we capture.  We use this style for candid, natural, in-the-moment looks, and also when posing and setting up powerful lights to create effects would take too much time.  Whenever the most important element of the photo is the emotion such as a ceremony, cocktail hour, or presentation, this is the best way to capture a setting without presenting distractions.  Here are some examples:

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